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Spring sprang a whole lotta love ❤️

As everyone knows, I love, LOVE!  It is such an awesome emotion.

I'm fortunate enough to be apart of many love celebrations as a hairstylist.

I love the whole process from talking about what hairdos my brides and grooms-to-be should arriving early the day of the wedding to a sleepyhead bridal party - ha!

I love my brides and grooms and everyone in-between. 

Here are some of the amazing weddings I styled and attended this spring ❤️❤️❤️

Remember I'm always available for any private events or housecall services :)


Allie and Joe

Santa Monica California

Wedding Fun

Bride + Grooms

Nikki and Alicia

Santa Barbara

Love my clients

Newlywed babes!

Amanda and Sarah

Marfa, Texas



Love is in the air!

And I'm talking about hair!!!

Still dealing with winter weather means we all need to keep moisturizing!  Sleep with conditioner in your hair if it needs it. 

This is a fun time of year to try something new.  Not having holiday or vacation pressures can let you explore something fresh and trendy.

Try a long bang! 

Long bangs are a great way to get a fresh touch to your look without a long term commitment. 

Grow out is about 3-4 weeks and they will be blending in with your layers again. 

Add some blonder/darker pops to your color.
Get rid of the shadows of winter with some bold bright blonde pieces so the light shines from within your hair. 

Bright highlights can be easily toned down at anytime. 

Add some darker toned richness to any brunette or redhead. Layering darker colored tone-on-tone lowlights can give an intense rich look and texture to your hair color. 

Using semi-permanent color for these techniques guarantees a no-commitment, beautiful, gradual fade out. 


It's 2017!!!

I'm so excited for this new year.

So many possibilities and great things can happen in a new year. But like any new day you can seize it or not! 

I hope your holidays were filled with happiness and love, and good hair! 

January is what I've coined blondest month of winter.

Now is the time to try some brighter bolts of blonde or take the plunge and go platinum. All whilst making sure to condition your hair a little more at this time of year. And that goes for all hair types. Get a little more moisture in your hair with your fave deep moisturizing treatment. Mine is the "All Soft" line from Redken.

For brunettes and redheads, I like January to be shiny month!! 

With a Redken Shades EQ color gloss in-studio treatment your hair will go from flat to shining like patent leather! And it conditions as well. With such a diverse line of colors Shades EQ can be used on any haircolor or type.


Of course it's for the guys too! 

Guys aren't immune to the dryness either.  Proper cleansing and scalp care is key to healthy full hair.  Nioxin's entire hair care line is amazing at keeping the scalp and hair healthy at all times of year. 

I'm looking forward to all of the exciting things that 2017 is going to bring and I'm happy to spend it with all of my amazing clients! 

See you soon!

Spread Love ❤

-- John