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JVH Summer Hair Care List 2018

It’s Summer and there is no turning back! So here’s my favorite hair hack! 

Always put conditioner in your hair before long outdoor activities. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or rock climbing, you’ve got to protect your hairvestment!

Before going out for your activity and after you put on your sunscreen, take your favorite conditioner and apply it to dry hair. This will give your hair a treatment and protect it from the harsh summer elements. This trick works for all types of summer weather. You can choose the treatment to the conditions you’re going to. Moisturizing conditioner for the desert, anti-humidity treatment for the beach. Sunscreen can also be used in a pinch! The possibilities are endless! And below are my favorites!

Summer Hair Care Favorites


Apply Olaplex No. 3 from ends to roots. Wrap hair in microfiber turban and enjoy! Olaplex keeps the hair strong healthy and soft! Perfect treatment!

Pantene Pro-V

3 Minute Miracle

Apply treatment mid-shaft to ends only, put up in a loose pony and you’re ready to rock! The 3-minute miracle comes in many conditioning types so you can choose what works best for you!

Alba Mineral Sunscreen

Apply sunscreen ends to roots, put less on the roots as sunscreen is at times waterproof and hard to wash out. This gives your hair sun protection for sure! Don't forget to put some on your face too!

St. Barth Coconut Oil

Apply ends to roots making sure to not over saturate. Loose pony tail or with a hat this works great for an extra boost of protein.

After your outdoor fun, make sure to shampoo and condition again. You will thank me for how amazing and healthy your hair will feel!

Never hesitate to ask me what conditioners and treatments will work well for you! I’m always here to help!


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